AHA + Deep Gel Cleanser

(23 customer reviews)

Oil-free rejuvenating and skin re-texturing cleanser.

.35 oz Sample Size Bottle  |  1 oz Travel Size Bottle  |  8 oz / 240 ml Full Size Bottle
 |  16 oz / 480 ml Professional Size Bottle



This gel-based active cleanser with Shunly Skincare’s FUSION FORMULA® featuring AHA and BHA (alpha (glycolic acid) + beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid)) and natural enzymes provides a deep cleansing that offers PREVENTION performance that is part of 3 SkinCareActs™ by thoroughly removing excess oil, surface impurities and make-up and leaving skin fresh and conditioned. This cleansing gel delivers gentle exfoliation to improve skin tone and texture.

Key Ingredients

Alpha Hydroxy Acid used for skincare

AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), BHA (beta hydroxy acid) salicylic acid

How To Use

Use morning and nightUse twice a day. Apply to moistened skin, lather gently, then rinse off. Follow with Shunly Skin Care’s pH-Balance Toner.


  • Rejuvenates skin by improving texture, brightness, and radiance
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Helps renew skin surface and improve fine lines
  • Oil-free formula that unclogs and refines pores as well as reduces breakouts
  • Ideal for all skin


Aloe Vera Gel, Decyl Polyglucose, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Dimethicone, Yeast Extract (Vitamin B), Sodium PCA, Glycerin, SD Alcohol 40, Lactic Acid, Watercress Extract, Bromelain, Papain, Lavender Extract, Soapwort Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Camphor, Guar Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate

Free from cruelty, parabens, oils, gluten, synthetic fragrance, and dye, and it’s vegan friendly.

23 reviews for AHA + Deep Gel Cleanser

  1. Cassandra Caballero

    I have been using this cleanser twice a day for 3 years. I always feel fresh after using this product. It have oily acne prone skin and this gel cleanser has helped immensely! I definitely recommend if you have my type of skin!

  2. mom2masonc

    I love this deep gel cleanser. My face is very sensitive, this product cleans my face without drying it out or making me feel itchy.

  3. mchilders1965

    This cleanser makes my skin feel luxurious! Soft, clean, but dewy and fresh afterward. I love it!

  4. Tim

    This cleanser makes my skin feel clean but not dried out. I’ve been using it twice a day and happy that skin has fewer blemishes.

  5. Cheryl

    Use this product twice daily. It cleans off all my makeup without drying out my skin.

  6. mgcuellar1977

    I love AHA+ Deep Gel cleanser!! I struggle to find the right cleanser for my dry skin. They
    are either too dry or not enough cleansing. It cleans very well without drying out my skin. My teenage kids are loving it too. It has help them with their blemishes.

  7. Mistie Bauscher

    I love this cleanser!!!! I get way less blemishes now that I have been using it! It is deep cleansing but does not dry out my face like other ones I have tried.

  8. bernice_reber

    The cleanser smells wonderful and cleans your skin with out drying it out. This is the only face cleanser I trust my skin to.

  9. Mariel L

    This gel cleanser is my favorite face wash of all time. It is gentle, doesn’t dry up my skin and gets the job done. I use it both morning and night, applying the pH≈CoQ10+A-Oxy Toner right after. It’s also a wonderful makeup remover!

  10. Bekah Campbell

    Love this cleanser! I wear medium coverage foundation, eye makeup, etc. and just one pump of this cleanser takes off all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean! Also, no tight, dry feeling that you get from a lot of cleansers. I also love that it helps with wrinkles! Im a huge fan of this skincare line

  11. Jeanette Barnett

    I have been using this cleanser for about 6 months now. My pores are so much smaller and I don’t have the blackheads that I used to have. I live in a high humidity area and my face doesn’t feel greasy using these products.

  12. Kathleen S Wille

    This cleanser keeps my skin from getting that super tight, over-dry feeling that so many cleansers cause. I have large pores and am prone to breakouts and this helps clear them up. I love it!

  13. tjbarn

    I love this cleanser. I always thought I needed to use a scrubbing cleanser, but with this one I don’t need to scrub and my skin feels so soft and clean. Along with the Toner, Exfoliator and Moisturizer my skin has never looked better. No more dry itchy patches.

  14. saraceta98

    I love this cleanser so much I am ordering another….and another….and another! I have FINALLY found a product line that works the best for my acne-prone skin (I’m 39) – thanks to Shunly and her ingenuity 🙂

  15. vickifarrar2010

    AHA + Deep Gel Cleanser has been satisfying to use on my face. It’s easy and quick to use; it feels gentle, effective, and worth the minimal time to use it twice a day! I like it.

  16. Terri Cole

    I love love love this cleanser. When I read Deep Cleanser I thought oh dear that is going to dry my face out… but is just the opposite…. it cleans all my makeup even mascara off without drying my face out. I am 52 years old and this stuff is amazing on my face…….

  17. Jackie

    I love how gentle this cleaner is. I switch between it and the Shunly whipped cleanser for my daily routine.

  18. Emily Briscoe

    i use this cleanser both morning and night. it takes off ALL my makeup and literally makes my skin feel squeaky clean. it has helped with my break outs and it took all the little bumps around my jay line away!

  19. Marggie

    This is the best clenser. You skin feels absolutely clean when you use it. It is gentle but gets all the makeup off and leaves a nice glow. I have not had any problems with my face since using this clenser. I love it.

  20. Julie

    I use the AHA Deep Gel Cleanser in the morning, although can be used for both morning and night. It lathers very easy and leaves my skin feeling clean without irritation or dryness. Paired with the CoQ10 toner and CE+ Ferulic Serum, my skin feels amazing! Ever since I started using this line my skin has felt nourished and healthy. Until I discovered Shunly, I struggled to find a cleanser that was cleansing enough without drying out my skin. Cream cleansers were moisturizing but left my skin feeling dirty and waxy. My AHA cleanser is the first cleanser I have used that is both cleansing and restorative. I could not be happier with the Shunly skin care products, I just love all of it!

  21. lennie

    I love how clean this gets my skin without drying it out!

  22. lina-nl

    For years I had dry skin combined with acne. I went back and forth trying cleansers/
    moisturizers for oily skin in an attempt to clear up the acne and cleansers/moisturizers
    for dry skin in an attempt to hydrate – nothing worked and most products only made
    things worse. After spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on drug store,
    department store and special order products I finally gave Shunly product a try because
    one of my friend told me about this brand name that I never heard about it before –
    IT WORKED!!!! My skin is now acne free, moisturized and healthy! Plus Shunly product
    doesn’t have paraben and no tested in animals as well as all the acne products are free
    from oil. It was little difficult to pick which product to use since I had dry skin with
    acne. I sent email to betterskin@shunlyskincare.com asked for help and they were so nice
    and sent me all the samples that will help my dry as well as my acne. All the samples lasted
    about a week and after two days of used, my skin felt different right away. I never thought
    I will find any product line in the market that will help my skin condition with dry and
    acne the sametime. I ordered the whole skin system after a week and my skin felt beautiful
    ever. I just love it. Thanks to my friend.

  23. wendykar

    I have very oily skin and this AHA+ Deep Gel Cleanser is perfect to me. Works really well!
    Gets my skin very clean without drying it out and keeps me from getting breakouts. This
    cleanser does exactly what it says it will do. I`m using twice a day and I love it.

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