3 SkinCareActs™

Each product works according to one or more of the 3 SkinCareActs™: Protection, Prevention, and Correction.
Together they make a complementary skin care routine for every skin type at any age.

Shunly Skincare's 3 SkinCareACTS - Prevention

Act 1


The ultimate way to protect youthful and healthy appearance.

The best way to avoid skin’s premature aging is PREVENTION from environmental damages that occur to the skin as we age. Shunly Skincare products are designed based on the most powerful anti-oxidants known to modern skin care science to provide the most powerful PREVENTION from external aggressors such as UV rays, pollution, etc. – all against skin’s premature aging.

Our PREVENTION products are denoted with askincare prevent damage colored bar on the bottle and are best used in the daytime.

Shunly Skincare's 3 SkinCareACTS - Protection

Act 2


Umbrella-like protection against environmental factors.

Did you know that prolonged exposure to UV rays (sunlight) is the main reason for skin discoloration and premature skin aging that may ultimately lead to skin cancer? Our advanced treatments with SPF and powerful anti-oxidants are specially designed to provide the most efficient PROTECTION from environmental aging. Used daily our exclusive moisturizers provide PROTECTION and prevent the development of wrinkles and dark spots occurring. FUSION FORMULA® products featuring Zinc Oxide bring umbrella-like PROTECTION to your skin slowing the processes of photoaging.

Our PROTECTION products are denoted by askincare protect skin colored bar on the bottle and used day or night.

Shunly Skincare's 3 SkinCareACTS - Correction

Act 3


Specialized and effective treatments for specific skin concerns.

Shunly Skincare’s CORRECTION products are designed based on various power FUSION FORMULA® featuring the most powerful anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, lightening, and exfoliating ingredients to help restore and rejuvenate skin for a healthier and more youthful look. If you’re concerned about developing visible changes in your skin such as fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, collagen loss, moisture loss, age spots, blemishes, and sagging skin etc. Shunly Skincare’s concentrated treatments will make a difference.

Our CORRECTION products are denoted with acorrect skin issues colored bar and used only at night.

3 SkinCareActs™ FAQ’s

Aging skin is the result of exposure to environmental elements like sunlight, smoke, and air pollution. All these factors cause skin’s premature photo aging, which leads to the formation of lines, winkles, and discoloration as well as other serious skin conditions like skin cancer.

Environmental and lifestyle factors create oxygen free radicals in the skin that gradually destroy collagen and elastin, and eventually can lead to harmful diseases (skin cancer). UVA is the primary cause of photo aging changes in the skin, therefore skin needs a complete year-round preventive, protective and corrective skin care program to help stop and even reverse these damaging effects.

Products containing SPF (Sun Protection Factor) are a great first line of defense.

  • UV affect on the skin:
    UVC (100-280 nm) – Shortest UV rays that can cause photo damage to the skin resulting in skin burn.
    UVB (280-320 nm) – The intermediate wavelength of UV rays commonly called “sunburn” which primarily damages the epidermis.
    UVA (320-400 nm) – The longest wavelengths. They penetrate deeply into the dermis causing pigmentation, inflammation, fine wrinkles, dryness, and skin cancer.
  • Physical vs. Chemical sunscreens:
    Physical SPF (Inorganic sunscreen) Application effective time: Starts protecting immediately upon application.
    How it works: Protects skin from the sun by deflecting and blocking sun rays. It doesn’t cause free radicals, irritate, or produce any allergic reaction to the skin. Three important photo-protective physical blockers are Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Iron Oxides.
    Chemical SPF (Organic sunscreen) Application effective time: Must wait 20 minutes after application for effective sun protection. Protects the skin by absorbing the sun rays into the skin where they in turn absorb portions of the light spectrum. The most common chemical absorber sunscreens are OctylSalicylate, OctylDimethyl (Paba), Octinoxate, Meradimate, Oxybenzone, Octocrylene, Avobenzone, and Homosalate.
  • Choosing a formula: UVB rays are known to cause sunburn and skin cancer, they do not penetrate the skin as deeply as UVA rays. UVA rays have been proven to cause skin cancer and skin aging. It is important to choose a sunscreen that protects against a wide range of ultraviolet light. Look for the active ingredients listed with physical filter and use together with antioxidant vitamin C, E, and coenzyme Q10 to help neutralize the free radicals

Products containing SPF are not enough to protect the skin from all free-radical attacks during the day, and therefore there is a need for additional, more complex skin protection.

Topical antioxidants can be used in conjunction with sunscreen products – helping to neutralize free radicals, they prevent photo damages and combat the visible signs of aging.

Shunly Skincare’s PREVENTION and PROTECTION products, which are a powerful combination of sun screen and antioxidant products, contain all the ingredients you need and work quickly and effectively to improve your skin health. All Shunly Skincare products are formulated precisely and specifically to ensure the absorption of the actives that ultimately lead to natural protection.

  • They are water-based antioxidants of proven efficacy
  • They prevent ultraviolet immunosuppression
  • Provide ultraviolet skin photo-protection
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Have anti-inflammatory action
  • They Prevent and Protect from skin moisture loss
  • When used together, antioxidants and sunscreens provide optimal photo-protection while preventing premature aging, reducing the appearance of fine lines and winkles, and promoting skin health.

Over time, regardless of lifestyle, our skin begins to change. Fine lines, winkles, discoloration and loss of elasticity may appear. All of these signs happen as a result of collagen breakdown, slower cell turnover and loss of moisture – all accelerated by exposure to environmental elements and experiences stressful lifestyle. Therefore SkinCareActs™ of PREVENTION and PROTECTION are critical in preventing further damage and help to slow down the aging processes. The SkinCareActs™ of CORRECTION focuses on skin lightening, exfoliation and correction of various skin symptoms in order to achieve healthy looking skin.

  • Help diminish the appearance of brown spots and discoloration
  • Promote clear, uniform complexion
  • Help prepare the skin for rejuvenating procedures
  • Accelerate the skin’s ability to repair damages from UV light, pollution and harmful chemicals
  • Stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin
  • Help reduce the appearance of expression lines
  • Nourish the skin and help maintain a healthy pH balance of the skin
  • Help increase the skin cellular energy production

To maintain a healthy look and keep the skin away from major skin issues such as acne, dry, sensitive skin etc., the 3 SkinCareActs™ routines of essential steps – cleansing (PREVENTION), pH-balancing toning (CORRECTION), and physical suncreen (PROTECTION) should be kept up on a daily basis.

On a more advanced level, the 3 SkinCareActs™ routine consists of using the active serums (PREVENTION), applying the daily protection with physical SPF (PROTECTION) in the morning, followed by a consecutive evening routine with lightening and exfoliating steps (CORRECTION). This specialized skin care routine will support new skin cells production, repair existing skin damage and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance as well as slow down the aging processes including brown spots and winkle development.

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