Hyperpigmentation Skin Care Treatment

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Effective, advance skin care treatment for hyperpigmentation in normal – oily skin.




AHA + Deep Gel Cleanser Oil-free rejuvenating and skin re-texturing cleanser

pH≈SE + Nutri Toner Rich in nutrients skin re-balancing toner

CE + Asiatic Treatment Photodamage correcting treatment for daily use

Zn20 + SPF40 Light Moisturizer Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB light day moisturizer offering high protection from photo-aging

KA + Bio Lightening Treatment Plant-based active lightening gel reducing hyperpigmentation

HQ + Phyto Moisturizer Concentrated cream that helps correct hyperpigmentation

Daily Skin Care Routine

Daytime Skin Care RoutineDay time:

Step 1 AHA + Deep Gel Cleanser – Apply onto a moistened skin, lather gently then rinse off.

Step 2 pH≈SE + Nutri Toner – Spray over the face, neck, and décolleté to saturate the skin then tap until fully absorbed.

Step 3 CE + Asiatic Treatment – Apply 5 to 7 drops onto toned face, neck, and décolleté.

Step 4 Zn20 + SPF40 Light Moisturizer – Apply generously to cleansed and toned skin, pay special attention to sun-exposed areas. Re-apply if active, sweaty, or after swimming.

Nighttime Skin Care RoutineNighttime:

Step 1 AHA + Deep Gel Cleanser – Repeat.

Step 2 pH≈SE + Nutri Toner – Repeat.

Step 3 KA + Bio Lightening Treatment – Apply 5 to 7 drops onto cleansed skin. Gently smooth and massage into the skin until fully absorbed

Step 4 HQ + Phyto Moisturizer – Apply a thin layer to the skin or on areas in need of lightening. Allow to absorb into the skin and avoid sun exposure.

1 review for Hyperpigmentation Skin Care Treatment

  1. Janet Shum

    I’ve done laser and chemical peels but my melasma has always returned. I wasn’t sure which of the hyperpigmentation products would be good for me so I tried the travel size which gave me enough to last 2-3 months. All are good products however my skin is really allergic and I break out easily on some products so I had to stop the SPF40 and HQ + Phyto moisturizer. My melasma has improved with the CE + Asiatic and KA + Bio Lightening treatments. They absorb fast into the skin. I plan to buy these 2 items again, hoping that one day my melasma will fade away and I won’t have to use makeup to hide.

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