Complete Scalp and Hair Treatment

Use Bioactive Hair Density Scalp and Hair Treatment for thicker looking hair and a healthier scalp.

.5 oz / 1 dram Sample Size  |  .5 oz / 2 oz Travel Size  |  2 oz / 8 oz  Full Size




An innovative, scientifically powered and revolutionary treatment. This trio is designed with a focus on Androgenic Alopecia to combat hair loss and restore a youthful, healthy appearance. Shunly’s groundbreaking Bioactive Hair Density Scalp and Hair Treatment Set uses FUSION FORMULA® featuring bio-fermented peptide, botanical bruit extracts and vitamin B5 to provide superior PREVENTION of clogged follicles and PROTECTION of hair follicles. Continued use of the Bioactive Hair Density trio will improve hydration and overall hair growth, as well as strengthen your existing hair and reducing breakage.

Bioactive Hair Density Shampoo – Gently clears hair follicles of dead skin to make room for thicker hair growth.

Bioactive Hair Density Conditioner – Helps fortify your existing hair and reduce breakage.

Bioactive Hair Density Scalp Treatment – Stimulates collagen type III and type VII to stimulate new hair growth, reduce dandruff and support stronger follicles.

Daily Routine

Step 1 Bioactive Hair Density Shampoo – Use daily. Gently massage onto wet scalp and hair, lather, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Step 2 Bioactive Hair Density Conditioner – Use after shampooing. Apply to wet hair, massaging deeply into the scalp. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry hair.

Step 3 Bioactive Hair Density Scalp Treatment – Apply 10-15 drops to the area on your scalp with thinning hair, massage product into the scalp until fully absorbed. Do not rinse.


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