Dry – Dehydrated

An effective combo set for dry – dehydrated skin.




ChM + Gentle Milk Cleanser Skin purifying gentle cleansing cream.

pH≈CoQ10 + A-Oxy Toner Cell energizing and skin-protecting toner.

SE + Apple Skin Stem Cell Anti-wrinkles serum with a high concentration of Seaweed and Apple stem cell.

Daily Skin Care Routine

Daytime and Nighttime Skin Care RoutineDay time and night time:

Step 1 ChM + Gentle Milk Cleanser – Use twice daily by massaging onto the skin and then rinse thoroughly. This gentle milk cleanser can be used with or without water.

Step 2 pH≈CoQ10 + A-Oxy Toner – Use twice daily after cleansing. Spray over the face, neck, and décolleté to saturate the skin then tap until fully absorbed.

Step 3 SE + Apple Skin Stem Cell – Apply a thin layer to the skin twice daily.


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