Solar Micro-Current Beauty Bar

Solar powered, micro-current face lifting roller.

High-tech beauty technology from Japan



Japanese advanced technology Solar-Powered Micro-Current Facial Massager has a built-in solar panel that generates micro-currents from the energy of light. This four-point ergonomic angled face massager helps to relax tense muscles, reduce puffiness, improve product absorption, face lifting, tightening and stimulate the skin. Applied with refined copper with double wheel for better performance on current diversion with an intensified microcurrent massage effect.

How To Use

  • Bags under eyes – Roll from below the eye to the temples in a semicircle
  • Crow’s feet – Roll from the outer corner of the eye to the temples within a small range
  • Nasolabial folds – Roll along the nasolabial fold up to the outer corner of the eye gently
  • V/Face lifting mouth area – Roll and lift the mouth to above the ears repeatedly
  • V/Face lifting chin area – Roll and lift from the chin to below the ears repeatedly
  • Frown lines – Roll from the middle of eyebrows to hairline gently
  • Neck wrinkles – Rolling up in both sides of the neck. Attention to avoid the abdomen site


  • Innovative V-type roller to massage the skin in multi-angle and with more than 2 times effect on face lifting
  • 115-degree V-type golden massage angle for better tightening and lifting
  • 360-degree rolling wheel for smooth touch feeling and closer contact with the skin for maximum lifting
  • Auto charge by light and no need outlet charges
  • Slim your face in less than 10 min
  • Surgical free facelift
  • Easy to clean for beauty on the go, anywhere you go
  • Eliminate edema
  • Tones and accelerate products absorption into the skin
  • Fade wrinkles removes toxins, and brighten the face
  • For all skin types

Kindly Reminder

  • Please do not roll back and forth when using this product
  • This roller has a built-in solar panel, that charges automatically if left in daylight ( store it somewhere sunny)
  • It will NOT retain a charge if stored in the dark, in a bag or suitcase, or in a box. It has to be in the light 10 minutes prior to use.
  • Please do not press the skin
  • Please use together with serum, toner, mask, lotion, or cream accordingly
  • Please stop use if skin becomes sensitive or uncomfortable
  • Please keep the skin moist so the current produced by the product can perform its wrinkle removal function
  • Please use the cleaning cloth after use
  • This tool is not waterproof. Please use the cleaning cloth to wipe clean after each use
Before and After using Solar-Powered Micro-Current Beauty Bar
Before and After using Solar-Powered Micro-Current Beauty Bar
Neck treated with Shunly Skincare products and Beauty Bar
Neck treated with Shunly Skincare products and Beauty Bar


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