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    Zn20 + SPF40 Light Moisturizer

    (23 customer reviews)


    Broad-spectrum UVA-I/UVA-II/UVB Light Day Moisturizing Effects SPF offering high protection from photo-aging.

    Non-Tinted | .33 oz Sample Size | 2 oz Travel Size | 4oz / 120ml Full Size | Tinted | 1.9 oz Full Size

    The airless bottle that ensures the efficacy and prevents the formula from losing its activity.

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    Technologically advanced formula for the prevention of the sun-induced breakdown of the collagen matrix – known as matrix metalloprotease (MMP) – one of the primary causes in the development of lines and wrinkles. This innovative non-chemical filters sunscreen FUSION FORMULA® featuring Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and 20% Zinc Oxide is part of Shunly Skin Care; 3 SkinCareActs™ system and offers high PROTECTION level (SPF40) to the skin. Our products utilize a dispersion of zinc oxide which has multiple sizes of particles.  We formulate them to have a sealed coating to ensure stability, and which all measure a size that is NON-Nano. This unique formula is designed for even the most sensitive skin types as it utilizes our number one rated physical sunscreen filters to help defend skin against free radical production, prevent collagen breakdown and premature aging of the skin. Our single sunscreen filter offers a soft, silky, and elegant texture that absorbs quickly while providing superb photoprotection.

    Key Ingredients

    Zinc Oxide 20%

    How to use

    This Zn20+ SPF40 Light Moisturizer has a texture like a light moisturizer but it is not a moisturizer but full of board spectrum sunscreen! Apply generously to cleansed, toned and hydrated skin, pay special attention to sun-exposed areas. Place one pump to hand, apply it to the skin by using the finger to make a lot of dots over the face, neck, and body. Follow by tapping motion (DO NOT apply like cream) and deliver the sunscreen into the skin. Re-apply if active, sweaty, or after swimming.


    • Water-resistant (40 min)
    • True broad-spectrum UVA-I / UVA-II / UVB protection
    • Anti-UV-A, UV-B, and infrared rays
    • Anti-MMP (sun-induced collagen damage)
    • Transparent and non-whitening
    • Non-chemical sunscreen
    • Non-irritant and non-allergenic
    • A potent antioxidant, anti-pollution, and strong anti-inflammatory
    • Excellent for aesthetic/clinical procedures
    • Gentle enough for children`s skin
    • Locks moisture in the skin improving skin hydration
    • Perfect for everyday use thanks to its lightweight texture and can be used as a makeup base
    • Non-benzene was detected, and a Non-comedogenic formula was designed for all skin types, including hypersensitive, eczema and Rosacea-pron


    Active Ingredients: 20% Zinc Oxide. Inactive Ingredients: C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Cyclohexasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethiconol, Disodium EDTA, Glycerin, Methicone, Hydrogen Dimethicone, Microcrystalline Wax, PEG-10 Dimethicone, PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Chloride, Stearyl Dimethicone, Tetrahexadecyl Ascorbate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Triethanolamine, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Water

    Free from: Cruelty, Chemical Sunscreens, Oils, PABA, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances & Color, Gluten, and Vegan Friendly

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    23 reviews for Zn20 + SPF40 Light Moisturizer

    1. Kayo4909

      Excellent sunscreen. I have rosacea skin and this product is the only one I have found that
      doesn’t cause me to break out in a rash. I love the texture of this sunscreen! It doesn’t smell
      like sunscreen and It goes on smooth with no greasy like other sunscreen. My make up stay
      very nice and smooth and it doesn`t make my skin shiny doing the day. Love it!

    2. wendykar

      This product is an excellent choice for sunscreen!! I wear Bare Minerals foundation and
      normal sunblock leaves my skin with a sticky feel to it which makes my make up cake on.
      I have oily skin but this sunscreen is not greasy or sticky and doesn’t cause me to break
      out like other sunscreen does. It is cream base so I use this as my moisturizer in the
      morning after the Hydra B5 Gel. It doesn’t have paraben, fragrance and any chemical
      sunscreen to it and I feel very good to knowing that my skin are well protected by it.

    3. lina-nl

      For years I had dry skin combined with acne. I went back and forth trying cleansers/
      moisturizers for oily skin in an attempt to clear up the acne and cleansers/moisturizers
      for dry skin in an attempt to hydrate – nothing worked and most products only made
      things worse. After spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on drug store,
      department store and special order products I finally gave Shunly product a try because
      one of my friend told me about this brand name that I never heard about it before –
      IT WORKED!!!! My skin is now acne free, moisturized and healthy! Plus Shunly product
      doesn’t have paraben and no tested in animals as well as all the acne products are free
      from oil. It was little difficult to pick which product to use since I had dry skin with
      acne. I sent email to asked for help and they were so nice
      and sent me all the samples that will help my dry as well as my acne. All the samples lasted
      about a week and after two days of used, my skin felt different right away. I never thought
      I will find any product line in the market that will help my skin condition with dry and
      acne the sametime. I ordered the whole skin system after a week and my skin felt beautiful
      ever. I just love it. Thanks to my friend.

    4. saraceta98

      The perfect sunscreen for the winter season. I live at a high elevation (5,000+) and play
      in the snow frequently, so my exposure to winter winds and sun can easily dry out my skin.
      I’ve also suffered from acne ALL of my life (I’m 38-years-old). So, with a consistent
      regimen of quarterly facials and Shunli products, my skin is glowing like it never has
      before! And the sunscreen has ALOT to do with it, as I apply it every morning before I
      head out for the day. I now have confidence like I’ve never had before since my skin has
      cleared up. Definitely worth the investment if you are outdoors a lot. Thanks Shunli!!

    5. Tracy-D

      I using all the shunly skin care products and this sunscreen are one of my favorite
      product. I never found any other sunscreen in the market that has zinc oxide more
      than 10% and shunly sunscreen has straight 20% zinc without mixing with other chemical
      sunscreen. My skin never breakout with this sunscreen and never burn or see any new
      pigmentation on my face since past 3 years. Some of my friends using much cheaper
      sunscreen and after 3 years, they all end up has some wrinkle or discoloration on their
      face. They think all the sunscreen does the same protection but it is not because my
      skin are stay the same without any wrinkles or pigmentations. I believe this sunscreen
      kept my skin stay healthy without aging. I never go out without this sunscreen on my face.

    6. Tamra

      I love this sunscreen. Other products are too heavy for my face. I use it every day as my base layer of moisturizer/sunscreen. It makes my skin feel smooth and not greasy.

    7. Tammy

      No better sunscreen than this! I use this sunscreen after my Shunly antioxidant serum and I no longer need any moisturizer but my make-up. My skin felt much better without feel greasy. I have not seen any new aging spot on my face in two years. Great sunscreen are hard to find but you know it when you use it.

    8. Barbara Garcia

      I started using this product about 2 months ago. It is AMAZING!!! I use it with the PH SE + Nutri toner and the CE + Ferulic Treatment. What can I say….my skin feels more firm and I am no longer wearing make up because it appears to me that my face has been uplifted. I work in the mountains. My skin is exposed to snow, wind, extreme cold, extreme warmth, sun and sometimes if I am on a backcountry assignment…days without a shower. This set is excellent for me and although I haven’t quite figured out how to pack them in my backpack efficiently, I would not leave without them. Especially the sunscreen. NO greasy feeling. Light with good coverage. I love these products and I really value ShunLy as my skin advisor.

    9. Andrea

      I will never go back with any sunscreen from department store. After many research about the sunscreen I learned that if you’re looking for an sunscreen that will WORK you need to check the active ingredients listed with physical ingredients such as Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide not with chemical ingredients. The chemical sunscreen are going to absorb the sun-rays rather than block/reflect them off the skin and actually irritate the skin. No wonder my skin break-out with many sunscreen before and never with this sunscreen. This sunscreen has 20% of zinc and no oil ingredients like many other sunscreen I used in the past. I never break-out, irritate with this sunscreen. I used all the Shunly skin care products and my skin no longer break-out, irritated or pigmented from the sun. It has cost me more to use this product line but over all it actually cost me less because I no longer need additional products to treat my problem skin like I did before.

    10. Julie

      If I could give this sunscreen 10 stars I would! This is the BEST sunscreen I have ever used for my face!! I was reluctant to try this sunscreen/moisturizer as I have always been very sensitive to sunscreen on my face. Most make me breakout, leave my skin shiny and oily, and then to top it all off make my eyes water all day. This is the first and only sunscreen that I have used that doesn’t do any of that. I apply it after my CE+ Ferulic Serum in the morning as a light moisturizer and it protects my skin perfectly…no irritation, no oily or shiny residue, no breakouts or bumps….my skin looks and feels perfect! This sunscreen not only feels great, but works great too! I can go out all afternoon golfing, and my face doesn’t burn or get pigmented from the sun like it used to. I love knowing I can be confident wearing much needed sunscreen on my face everyday, without all the chemicals and side effects I used to experience with all the others I have tried. Best ever! Thank you Shunly!

    11. Marggie

      This is a light moisturizer you can wear under your makeup or alone. It has excellent sunscreen to protect your face and leaves a nice pretty glow. I love it.

    12. Emily Briscoe

      i have used MANY different sunscreens and this it the best one i have ever used. i will never use anything else. this is the first one i have used that dosent make me oily and make all my makeup come off. this product is also an amazing primer for your makeup. my make up looks fresh and like i just put it on 10 hours after applying! amazing product!

    13. Jennifer Herrera

      I have very acne prone skin, and often experience a stinging sensation when I have worn other facial sunscreens. I have used this sunscreen for almost 1 yr now and have never experienced any sting (even with a cut on my face) and have not had any acne be caused by it. I wore this sunscreen while running a half marathon and did not burn at all. I did reapply at mile 8, due to sweating, and loved how easy it was to blot off and quickly reapply. It is very light and works as an awesome base for your makeup.

    14. Mariel L

      I’ve been looking for a good SPF for years now, and now the search is finally over!! I love this product because it has no harsh chemicals that can hurt my skin, it feels light, it leaves a really nice shiny glow on my face and I feel protected at all times while outside under the sun.

    15. Heather E

      Love this sunscreen! I use it on myself and my toddler. No harsh chemicals and is light on the skin. Love it!

    16. Julie L

      This is the first sunscreen/moisturizer I have ever found that doesn’t clog my oil glands. It protects very well and feels light – never greasy. Finally – something I feel good about putting on my face

    17. Mistie Bauscher

      I love love love this moisturizer… it protects my skin and doesn’t clog my pores! I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars and tried every skincare line you could imagine. I will never use anything other than Shunly products again! They are amazing!

    18. mgcuellar1977

      Great moisturizer/ sunscreen i have use… Its light, and doesn’t clog my pores. I have seen great improvement
      on my neck.

    19. Jenaye

      This is the best moisturizer/sunscreen combo I have ever used- lightweight, long-lasting and quality! I feel protected without feeling weighed down or sticky, especially having combination skin.

    20. Chris

      I have used zinc sunscreens before but they left my face feeling sticky and white. This goes on smoothly and blends into skin easily.

    21. Mlasbury1

      This is the best sunscreen/moisturizer combination I have used. It is so long lasting and lightweight I only have to apply it once a day! It really works as I have never had a sunburn or redness after using this product!

    22. Mistie Bauscher

      I love this sunscreen so much! I have also been using this moisturizer on my 4 year old son as well—-I do not want his skin to be sun damaged. Also, my husband started using it as well and it keeps his face radiant and not oily.

    23. ntq2424

      I apply the Zn20 + SPF40 Light Moisturizer on the days I know I will be out in the sun for an extended amount of time. I made the mistake of not packing my moisturizer and used my daughter’s sunscreen stick. I was shocked at how oily/greasy my skin felt using my daughter’s sunscreen. Needless to say, I had acne by the time we got home. My daughter now uses my SPF Moisturizer and we both love how our skin feels!

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