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    pH≈CoQ10 + A-Oxy Toner

    (50 customer reviews)


    Cell energizing and skin protecting toner.

    .1 oz Sample Size Bottle  |  1 oz Travel Size Bottle  |  6 oz / 180 ml Spray Bottle
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    Based on botanical extracts, this Shunly Skin Care FUSION FORMULA® featuring CoQ10 delivers its actives into a cellular level for skin invigoration and protection and brings CORRECTION performance as of 3 SkinCareActs™. With powerful antioxidants, it absorbs damages otherwise imparted by oxidizing agents and free radicals and helps to moisturize and provide a natural pH-Balance for the skin. It also brings skin tightening and radiance-boosting benefits.

    Key Ingredients

    Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)
    Hyaluronic Acid
    Chamomile Extract
    Cucumber Extract
    Orange Extract

    How to use

    Use twice a day after cleansing. Spray over the skin on the face, neck and décolleté area, use fingers to tap (and deliver the pH≈CoQ10+ A-Oxy Toner to skin). For optimal results, follow with Shunly Skin Care treatments product.


    • Helps increase energy production in cells
    • Absorbs damage otherwise imparted by oxidizing agents and free radicals
    • Rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin
    • Nourishes and maintains a healthy skin pH balance
    • Ideal for normal-dry skin


    Purified Water (Aqua), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q-10), Hyaluronic Acid, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Extract, Carica Papaya Fruit (Papaya) Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Extract, Citrus Aurantium (Orange) Flower Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

    Free from: Cruelty, Parabens, Oils, Synthetic Fragrances & Dye, Gluten Formulas, and Vegan Friendly.

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    50 reviews for pH≈CoQ10 + A-Oxy Toner

    1. Dana from LA

      I love everything from Shunly Skin Care. This is another example of their fine products. I use
      this toner twice a day after I cleansed my face. This toner has fabulous natural fragrance
      (Aloe leaf orange, sage, cucumber, chamomile, papaya and flower extract) to it and I just
      LOVE it! It does not dry out my skin and makes my skin look so soft and brighter. I have
      sensitive skin and this does not make my face break out. I wish I would have discovered this
      toner sooner because my skin looks fabulous now!

    2. chido_jun

      I love how this toner feels on my skin. It feels soothing. My skin feels moist and nourished.
      And the smell is so wonderful.

    3. swcableone

      I love this toner. From the first spray, my skin feels refreshed and the fragrance is very
      enjoyable and not overwhelming. Excellent product for making clean skin feel refreshed,
      moisturized, and invigorated.

    4. cekaro

      The CoQ10 toner improved the look of my skin in one use. I will never be without it again.
      It is transforming.

    5. sherip

      CoQ10 is a very powerful antioxidant and my skin loves this toner!
      To be honest, I stopped using a toner in the past, but Shunly introduced me to
      this and I love it! It smells and feels divine and I won’t go a day without it.
      I am very sensitive to strong smells and this does not bother me whatsoever…it feels
      and smells great. Thank you for creating this Shunly!

    6. M-Mai

      Love this CoQ10 Toner. I use many different toner from other brand in the past and non
      of them are hydrate but dry my skin. This CoQ10 toner is the only toner that never dry
      my skin but hydrate and keep my skin soft and moisture all day without additional
      moisturizer. I have sensitive skin with oily t-Zone and I only use this CoQ10 toner
      after wash without any other products. I used to have blackheads buildup on my pores
      but using this CoQ10 toner without using any other moisturizer, my skin feel soft,
      smoother and look much better without blackheads.

    7. Katrina Fitz

      This product is great, really has helped improve my skin, esp by helping to reduce my pore size. Plus it feels super refreshing.

    8. Julie

      I have always had combination skin and the CoQ10 toner is the only toner I have ever used that truly feels good on my skin. It is moisturizing, refreshing and does not dry or irritate my skin. If you are in the market for a GREAT toner, and awesome skin care line, look no further, I cannot recommend this enough!!

    9. Marggie

      This toner is the best I have ever used and I have used many different major brands. It adds moisture back and my face feels so dewy. I love it will never try another toner.

    10. Emily Briscoe

      this is the first toner i have used that does not make my face break out or dry me out. this is also a fantastic toner to use over my make up and help set the look. very happy with this product!

    11. Akemi-jp


    12. Jennifer Herrera

      I have never used a toner that I actually felt was necessary until this one. My skin doesn’t feel “right” until I spray this on. It hydrates without feeling heavy and my skin looks like I just had a facial when I use this in conjunction with my Shunly cleansers and serums.

    13. Mariel L

      This is hands down one of the best skin care products I’ve ever tried. Living in the dry Idaho weather, my skin (especially my face) used to always feel really dry, so I would apply face moisturizers like crazy. I would go through a $55 face moisturizer in about 3 weeks, that’s how bad it used to be! Someone recommended I use this toner after washing my face, so I gave it a go. All I can say is wow! After just a few sprays, my face felt extremely balanced and hydrated. Ive been using this toner for over a month now, and love the results. I don’t even use moisturizers anymore. This toner is everything, and now, even my husband uses it too! 🙂

    14. Emily Sterling

      This toner is awesome! I never used to use a toner and when I did, I felt like it didn’t do anything for my skin. This toner is refreshing. I typically have extremely dry skin, especially my face! I no longer feel like my face is going to peel off when I get out of the shower! I am almost finished with my first bottle and will certainly be purchasing more. I now understand the purpose of toner and the importance of getting a kind that works for your skin type!

    15. Terri Cole

      I love this toner. It is my favorite thing to do after I wash my face.
      Who doesn’t love to spray your face with a little magical toner….. can’t live without it…

    16. eikobb

      Ive been using this toner about 3weeks and surprised how my skin got hydrated!!
      This toner tightens and refines pores in my skin and make it easy to absorb the treatment after this.
      Absolut great addition in my skin care.

      Luckyelsa Ca

    17. Jacqui Porter

      This product is absolutely incredible …worth every penny. My skin has never looked so healthy and nourished!

    18. skelcat

      I absolutely love this Toner. I feel that it truly revitalized my skin! It made my face smooth, yet not oily. I would recommend this product to anyone, and will definitely continue to use it regularly.

    19. Diana S.

      I love these products. They are the best. I was first introduced to these products by Shunri when I went for a spa microdermabrasion. The facial was awesome and Shunri is so knowledgeable and very kind. She mentioned to me to start using a toner which I have never used on my skin. This toner is the best. Its a toner and moisturizer – two in 1 products.. I pair this with the gel cleanser I also got and my skin has never looked better. 2 products is all I use and my skin is a lot better:). I used to spend so much money on moisturizers and they would just make my skin break out or make it dry then oily. It just wasn’t working for me until I balanced my PH on my skin and it started to get better.

    20. Cindy Y.

      I so love these products! As others have mentioned, this is the first time I have used a toner as part of my skincare regimen. In addition, I am no longer using moisturizers. I was initially doubtful about making these changes but no longer! My skin is noticeably improved. The need for extractions during facials has lessened and my pores are smaller. All in all, Shunri has brought back my skin’s glow! She’s delightful to talk with and to learn from. It’s clear that she is passionate and knowledgable about skin and the beauty it radiates when nurtured.

    21. Naokochan

      I have been using moisturizers in lotion or cream form since I was in my teens. I always thought that a toner just stripped away what a cleanser did not or just prepped the skin to accept a moisturizer. Until I tried this toner, I thought that I could never live without a moisturizer. I have been proven wrong! I am so grateful for Shunri and this product-thank you for re-educating me about what skincare is really about: using ingredients that actually work and leaving out the fillers/fragrances that just take up valuable space in a bottle!

    22. frankie2223

      I recently started using this product after having used moisturizers for years and love it. When I apply this product after I cleanse my face in the evening, the dryness I always felt completely goes away. I am excited to start trying more of these products. I have been very satisfied thus far.

    23. Maria Arrieta

      I love this toner. I use this along with the Zn20+SPF 40 moisture its a great combination. Leaves my skin hydrated and has improved my skin greatly. I will continue to use more of shunlys product. Excellent. Quality of skin care. I can tell a big difference in how my skin feels using these products compared to the skin care line I was using before. I highly recommend using shunly skin care products they are amazing!

    24. Mary Field

      I have struggled with adult acne for three years now. I have spent so much time, money and energy buying and trying expensive products that just don’t work!. I was skeptical when Shunri told me all I needed was Shunli Toner. I promised I would try it for two weeks. Within that two weeks my skin cleared, my skin retained the moisture I needed and I will only use this skin care line! Thank you!

    25. Anna Miller

      I am hooked on this toner. I use it twice a day, morning and night, after cleansing my face with Shunly’s AHA+ Deep Gel Cleanser. It does wonders for my skin, and keeps it from feeling dry and tired (especially during the winter months). I buy it every month religiously, as both my husband and I use it and we go through it pretty quickly.

    26. Cooljulie

      I have been using this toner for about 6 months and have to say my skin tone is brighter and has definitely evened out. I like that it is light and refreshing and provides a great base for othe Shunly products.

    27. de.anderson

      This is an amazing product. It has drastically improved the condition of my dry skin.

    28. Bekah Campbell

      Obsessed!! This toner leaves your skin looking fresh and revitalized without drying it out. I also notice my makeup goes on easier after using this toner. I’m hooked and I’m going to buy a bottle for my husband to start using, too! I really feel like it has helped with some of my redness and discoloration. Highly recommend!

    29. eiko johnson


    30. sdbritton

      Love, Love, Love this toner! My skin never feels dry and has evened out my skin tone. Been using this for a year now.

    31. de.anderson

      This is an amazing product. I’ve suffer from dry skin and could find a moisturizer that worked without over moisturizing. By adding the pH CoQ10 toner I use less moisturizer and my skin no longer suffers from dry spots.

    32. Rachel F.

      I’ve never one to use toner until I was recommended this product. In the past my skin always felt dry after using toner, but not the case with this product. My skin actually feels moisturized and my husband uses it daily and loves it too! Cant wait to try more Shunly products.

    33. Tina Smith

      This product is excellent! It’s so hydrating and refreshing. I have very dry skin and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone else with the same problem.

    34. Mistie B.

      I am in love with this toner! It is so moisturizing without being oily at all. I’ve even talked my husband into using it too!

    35. Catherine

      I am over 60 and this product has definitely softened and revitalized my skin. It’s easy to use reasonably priced and highly effective. I recommend it highly

    36. Cooljulie

      I have been using this toner for about a year now and I wonder how I ever did without it. I have combination skin with some areas being oily and some dry. This seems to even things out and my skin loves it.

    37. clg83706

      While traveling my mom let me use her wash and toner. My skin felt amazing. I was sold on this product ever since.

    38. Eric

      I have been using this for a couple of years now. I am so happy there is a travel size. I don’t have to worry about remembering to bring the regular bottle to the gym now that I can leave this bad boy in my grooming bag!

    39. Jessica

      I have been using this product for a full year now and it has changed my skin! I love how soft my skin feels after using it!

    40. Mistie Bauscher

      I love this stuff! It is the perfect moisturizer…I don’t even need lotion when I use this (so my skin doesn’t get oily)

    41. Kathleen Stone

      I just received my first facial with this product, and absolutely love it. This is the first item that I’ve tried from this line, absolutely love it so I decided to get a facial with all the products, very impressive.

    42. micheleu1

      I received a gift certificate for a facial and my aesthetician highly recommended this Shunly toner. She said it helped her acne and it would also help my dry, yet blemish prone skin. She even said this toner is all I would really need (no moisturizer). I didn’t believe her. But she was right! this product is exceptional! It really is all I need. Crazy good! I love it.

    43. Christine

      I use this morning and night and love how refreshed it makes my skin feel. It is energizing in the AM and relaxing in the PM. Great product.

    44. Julie

      This toner is the one thing that keeps my skin balanced between being overly dry and having plugged oil glands. For me it is even more crucial than moisturizer.

    45. Sally

      Amazing toner! My skin feels so good and even!

    46. Sunny Wiliam

      This is my best product for everyday use. LOVE IT!

    47. Naoko

      I am a returning customer-I can’t live without this product! I am also very appreciative of the containers used by Shunly-they are well designed and allow you to use every last drop. I have also purchased the travel size for convenience.

    48. mom2masonc

      I love this product. I no longer need to use moisturizer on my skin. Thank you Shunly for making my skin look and feel younger.

    49. Kendra

      This toner is amazing. My face feels so great after using these products!

    50. Kelly Gornichec

      I love this Toner which has served as a moisturizer for me. My niece from Idaho recommended it after Shunri told her that the moisturizers she was using were clogging her pores and causing breakouts. One bottle lasted me a year so it is worth the cost. I am definitely purchasing more and highly recommend giving it a try.

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