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    Hydrating Travel Set

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    No need to travel with a lot of grooming products, a simple 3 steps can restore your skin complete hydrate.

    1 oz Cleanser / Toner  |  0.5 oz Serum
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    This Hydrating Travel Set will bring your skin back into balance by restoring its natural pH level. Cutting-edge ingredients prevent skin from over-dry, correct your skin’s returns to its natural pH-level, and protect against environmental factors to repair and restore your skin from moisture loss. Whether be traveling by plane or car can leave your skin feeling dry, flaky, and itchy by the time you land. When you are tired, dehydrated, or stressed, your skin/hand thirsty for love and attention. You can hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking water,  from the outside, by using the right cleanser followed by the right pH level toner to prep your skin, as well as the right serum that will penetrate deeper layer into your skin, is the key to stay hydrated without feeling moisture loss.

    AHA+ Deep Gel Cleanser Oil-free rejuvenating and skin re-texturing cleanser

    pH≈CoQ10+ A-Oxy Toner Cell energizing and skin-protecting toner

    SE+ Apple Skin Stem Cell Anti-wrinkle serum with a high concentration of Seaweed and Apple Stem Cell

    Daily Skin Care Routine

    Day time and night time:

    Step 1 AHA+ Deep Gel Cleanser – Use twice daily. Apply onto a moistened skin, lather gently then rinse off.

    Step 2 pH≈CoQ10+ A-Oxy Toner – Use twice daily after cleansing. Spray over the face, neck, and décolleté to saturate the skin then tap until fully absorbed.

    Step 3 SE+ Apple Skin Stem Cell – Apply a thin layer to the skin twice daily.


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