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    Shunri MacQuarrie

    is a professional, established aesthetician that stands behind the Shunly Skin Care range. Starting at a young age and ever since experimenting with high-end cosmetic lines such as Shiseido, Kanebo, Sofina, Kose, Anessa, and others, Shunri continued her fascination with skin care and its ability to change and heal the skin.

    Following her ambition to receive the best possible training and education in the field of skin care, Shunri moved from Japan to Los Angeles. Since then, the United States has been her second home and the company headquarters location.

    While experimenting with cosmetics and receiving her professional education, Shunri began to realize that there is a lot to discover and research in order to deliver real solutions for a beautiful skin.

    With over 28 years experience in skin care supported by formal education, field practice and certifications from the internationally recognized institutions (IDI The International Dermal Institute, Skin Ceuticals, Nylynn LLC, Health & Nutrition Detoxification M’llis, Dermalogica, G.M Collin, M.D Formulation, I.D Bare Mineral, Methode Physiodermie and Aveda), Shunri became a widely recognized professional in her field. She has also advised many individual customers with problematic skin conditions such as: adult acne, middle aged skin stress, post pregnancy skin issues, young age with photo damage, resulting in astonishing treatment successes.

    Her advanced knowledge in skin care, formulations, and a curiosity for effective professional products resulted in Shunly Skin Care solutions for contemporary women and men looking for products that deliver visible results on the skin.

    Shunly Skin Care believes 3 SkinCareActs™ of Prevention- Protection-Correction enclosed in highly concentrated FUSION FORMULA® of only purposeful ingredients is what every skin needs, regardless the sex or age. Feel the difference with each drop of your Shunly Skin Care formulations!